Tuesday, 29 June 2010

p1 group 05 music intro pitch

Our music video group comprises or Francesca Hazel, Kiera Roseberry, Georgia Phillips and Hollie Upton.

Our chosen song is Eternal Flame by Bangles.
We are going to set the video in a forest, and the first shot will be of a candle, with a slow zoom out from the candle.

The main singer shall be dressed in a dress with a long blonde wig, with backing singers, dressed in dresses too but in less bold colours to not distract the attention off the main singer too much. The video will mainly feature the singer singing in the forest with backing singers in the surrounding area adding to the backing vocals.

For camerawork we will use a tripod for static camerawork for strong shots of the singer. We will also use a dolly to shoot tracking shots. We will mostly use close ups of the singer to emphasize her and draw the viewers attention to her.
The choreography for our video will mainly be the singer using bold strong motions, adding emotion to the song. The backing singers will use simple swaying movements, possibly with a few finger clicks.

We are going to use drawings in our music video to represent parts of the song. The backing singer will hold boards with drawn pictures of a sun and of a rain cloud with rain.

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